Q.  How are the Dubia Roaches shipped ?

A.  Smaller quantities on each size may be cupped in a Deli type resealable container. Larger quantities will be in bagged and tagged or boxed and labeled. We base this on size and count for shipping healthy feeders to survive the trip and arrive in good shape ready to feed out. 

Q. How are the insects counted ?

A. Counts are done by a hand sample count on each size and shipping day. Then they are placed on a industrial counting scale with a .01 gram accuracy. Once the standard is reached the scale does the counting based on the multiplier between weight in 1/100 grams and the amount counted out by hand. Then we add weight/count to cover any loss, size difference and shipping due to adverse conditions.

Q. Do you offer a live arrival guarantee ?

A. Yes,  the description is on the main header menu and  the shipping policy on the footer of our store for terms to qualify for the guarantee.  We will refund, offer a coupon code, or re-ship depending on the conditions for the loss over the normal DOA due to shipping. We put in extra weight to cover this. Also if the temps are above 95 and below 35 the LAG is void unless you choose hold for pickup to keep the order off the mail trucks.

Q. Do you offer local pickup

A.  Yes depending on order and time we do meet people at our local post office if they want to void the shipping cost. You must contact us before you get the shipping notice to qualify .

Q. Will you sell wholesale in bulk quantities ?

A.  Yes we ship insects in bulk #'s to reptile breeders, pet shops, and re-sellers. Bulk starts at 5-10k on most products and must be shipped express mail to your local post office.

We will also have this in the bulk feeders page when available. Contact us anytime we do custom orders as well.  

 Q. How do you use the roach chow ?

A.  You can use it wet or dry. Dry can be kept in a small bowl for daily access. Wet needs to be a small enough amount they will eat it in 24 hours to prevent a chance of molding. Wet serves as hydration as well as food.

Q. How are the water crystals used ?

A.  Use Distilled or purified water for best results. Add 1 Fl oz crystals to 1 Gallon of water.  Let sit for 4-6 hours . Some water may be left just run them through a classifier or salad screen to evacuate the left water.  If not used in 24 hours store crystals in a refrigerator .

Q.  How do I make the hornworm food  ?

A,  Cooking Dry Hornworm Food:

  1. Boil 4 cups of water on stove top
  2. Once the water is at a FULL ROLLING BOIL, add dry food packet slowly while simultaneously mixing with electric hand mixer.
  3. Mix contents on heat until all powder is completely and evenly blended. NO CLUMPS!
  4. Take off heat and continue to mix with electric hand mixers for 3-4 minutes
  5. Pour into desired container and let harden at room temperature (This will take 1-2 hours)
  6. Hornworm food is ready to use. Add eggs, feed worms, etc.