Blaptica Dubia




Dubia are a non-invasive species of South American Roach.


Unlike the common indigenous species we have in the US, the Dubia do not infest your home or breed without certain conditions that have to be met to emulate their natural habitat in the Rain forest of South America.  


They are not good climbers.  A slick plastic or glass tub with proper climbing surfaces will house your feeders or colonies very well.


They do not smell as do Crickets and are a very clean insect if properly cared for.


They have a very good protein content at or around 20-22 percent compared to 18% in a common Cricket. This is what counts as far as growth and health of your herps.


They have less waste product (shell) or indigestible parts than most all other insects. No impaction problems.  Get more bang for your buck less waste.


They are survivors, ship well, and will live up to 2 years (Females) 1.5 years (Males).


They will not nip /bite/ or harass your Reptiles if left in the cage overnight. No more catching left over crickets to protect your animals.


We have raised thousands of Bearded Dragons on a Staple Dubia Diet along with greens and supplementary insects for variety with very positive health benefits and record growth rates for over 8 years. Southern Bearded Dragons ( Robert and Suzanne Johnson )


This impressive feeder led us to start breeding them ourselves and offering them for sale to the public along with a team of Dedicated Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ through KFC (Kritters for Christ).